We are Fused Lizard, a Swedish game developer that hand craft fun, educational and amazing games for children. Our goal is to make learning fun, exploring accessible and create more smiling face in the world. Check out our games and go on a journey with us!

Ducklas: It's Recycling Time!

Ducklas: It’s Recycling Time is a fun, educational and colorful adventure game about recycling made for children. Help Ducklas the duckling clean up the environment in 5 imaginative levels. Watch and learn how the environment’s state improves while you take care of your garbage

Captain Roo Roo's

Lullaby Dream Adventure

The beautiful hand-drawn bedtime adventure - Captain Roo Roo´s Lullaby Dream Adventure, is a cozy interactive experience for your child. It is an eventful and adorable tale, completely without text! At an easy pace, the game entertains by triggering the curiosity of the user.

Ducklas Needs Your Help!

Ducklas needs your help! An environmentally dangerous factory has moved in nearby, which has a bad effect on the nature and the environment! To get rid of the factory you have to give the right answer to clever and creative questions regarding nature and the environment!